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Off Grid Living

Underground house builders, Earth shelter house plans
Underground house builders, Earth shelter house plans

Ever felt the tug to leave the city rush behind and stop being a worker drone for someone else?


You are not alone. More people than ever are diving into the quiet embrace of Nature and starting homesteading projects? This pull  for ‘off grid living’ isn’t just about an escape—it’s about a return. A return to self-sufficiency, sustainability, and more genuine freedom. It’s the kind of freedom where you’re greeted by the sun powering your home and the rain filling your reserves. Sipping coffee brewed by solar energy, overlooking a garden you nurtured. The serenity is overwhelming. It’s more than just a lifestyle—it’s a harmonious bond with our planet and creative drive our souls are screaming to release.


If you’re eager to create your own unique bond with nature, this guide’s for you. Since so many of our clients are continuing to ask us about how we can help them build of grid homestead, and more ask every day,  here let’s walk together through the essentials of off-grid living and embark on this transformative journey into sustainability. resilience and creativity!


What is Off-Grid Living?


Off-grid living refers to a lifestyle where individuals function independently from traditional public utilities, relying instead on self-sustaining systems for energy, water, food and waste management. The core principles of off-grid living revolve around self-sufficiency, sustainability, and reduced environmental impact. It’s about embracing a simpler and more intentional way of living, where individuals prioritize harmony with nature and reduce their dependence on external more polluting resources.

From Traditional to Rustic & Modern Choices

What We

Creative Plan/Build Services

The Custom Earth Sheltered Team is a leading green architecture, engineering, permitting and building firm that specializes in designing and building sustainable projects. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts is committed to creating eco-friendly structures that are both beautiful and functional.


Homestead Planning

For those seeking a closer connection to the land, homesteading offers the opportunity to live on a self-sufficient farm or rural property. Growing food, raising livestock, and harnessing natural resources becomes a way of life, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment. There is also urban & suburban homesteading where you maximize growing food and conserving resources with an edible yard, roof gardens, greenhouse, rainwater collection and storage, etc. This team can turn any property into a more sustainable and self supported places with planning.


Challenges and Rewards 

Living off-grid comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. On the one hand, the challenges can be invigorating, pushing you to find innovative solutions and embrace self-reliance.  By adopting sustainable practices such as solar power utilization and rainwater collection, and facing occasional periods of isolation, you’ll find that each challenge presents an opportunity for personal growth and development.


Sourcing Materials for a Healthy Home

We use innovative, recycled, non-toxic techniques and materials to ensure that all projects are energy-efficient and environmentally responsible and healthy to live in. Contact us today to learn more about how you can build your heathy home, homestead and business.


Best Homes for Homesteads

Earth Homes like: Green roof dwellings, Earth-sheltered/Underground houses, Super-insulated cabin/home/compound

projects with passive solar orientations, Earth ships and even new traditional construction and renovations with added insulation and sustainable materials. Sustainable innovation comes alive in these homes constructed with recycled materials and renewable resources. These unique dwellings, when planned carefully, harmonize with Nature, utilizing passive solar heating, solar/wind power and rainwater harvesting/filtering/storage.


Commune with Nature

But often the rewards that truly make off-grid living extraordinary are a deep sense of connection to nature, reduction of stress, the freedom to create your own rules, and the knowledge that your choices leave a positive impact on the planet. Living off-grid has its ups and downs, but it’s a journey worth chasing with wise planning and preparation.  Push this Button to read more about all to consider when going off grid and how this experienced team helps while saving your money.

This team advised me and drew up plans and got my building permits to develop my 88 acre farm in Arizona into a sustainable homestead where I grow grapes, an orchard and vegetables, brew beer, have dairy cows and horses, make cheese, compost wastes, have a grey water pond and offer farm stays in my airBnB  apartments. Could not have done it without this team's help!  Trevor Fields
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