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ALL Plans are Custom to Your Specifications for both above and underground buildings in concrete, steel, wood or  combinations. Limitless plan configurations, building systems and sizes are available customized to your preferences. Contact us for free consult >

Planning & Permitting Your Project is done on an hourly basis. The rate Is $80 (half of the usual rate) with first 4 hours free to develop your preliminary plan layout & estimated cost.

Average Base Concrete Building Square Foot Price is  $95 - $150 PSF depending on your location and local concrete, steel and wood costs. Completed construction costs for the completed project typically are the same as traditional new wood construction in your area. Depends on your excavation requirements and site conditions. We assist in developing your estimates after your custom plans are developed. Interior Finishes Average range from $100 - $200+ and typically are provided by your local installers and contractors or DIY.


WHOLE HOME COST EXAMPLE: A two or three bedroom home with a full kitchen, pantry/mechanical room, dining room, living room, fireplace, one bedroom with an en suite bath with tub and shower, a second bedroom with an en suite three quarter bath, wood and tile floors, stackable washer/dryer, doors and windows, and custom designed cabinets. Typically homes come with a cement fiber cladding or stucco exterior for improved fire resistance.


Estimated cost through completion in the West is typically $540,000-$840,000.

Midwest, South and Rural Northern regions can cost 20% less - starting at $360,000-$672000 to unless DIY. When your custom plan is developed more precise cost estimates are developed.


Please note that this published pricing is an estimated range - pricing will adjust per the site location access, foundation type (pier, crawl space, or basement) or with any added upgrade or adjustment. We suggest contacting us to establish total costs for your specific project. Below is an example of the typical cost range of a finished 2 or 3 bedroom plan that includes 2 to 3 bathrooms, heating, cooling, appliances, doors, windows, millwork and other interior finishes:  Start by contacting us at for planning all types of buildings.

korony model.png
Korony Floorplan.png
Sectio sample.png

Examples of Estimated New Construction Costs of  by Region:

craftsman cost 1800sf.png
Craftsman plan
Craftsman elev.png
Craftsman house.png

Examples of Craftsman / Mission Style Plans with Interior Details & Furniture:

Craftsman Interior Elevation details.png

CUSTOM PLANS AVAILABLE IN ANY STYLE: Modern, Farmhouse, Mission / Craftsman, Log, Mediterranean, etc...

wiggs section.png
added master suite.png

Average Basic Shell Square Foot Price is  $95 - $150 depending on your location and local concrete and steel. Completed construction costs typically are the same as new wood construction in your area. Interior Finishes Average  $100 - $200+ and are typically provided by your local installers and contractors (depends on your finish and site choices. DIY and Owner/Builder arrangements can save more.)


Concrete Dome Shell:    

24'x24' interior, (630 SF with exterior walls)   

28'x28' interior, (850 SF with exterior walls)


Custom units with materials, labor traveling and crew expense start at $95- $150 PSF

(This varies because materials costs and site locations vary by state and accessibility)

  • POURED Concrete Shell cost (walls & roof) average $95 to $150 per square foot depending on location & local steel & concrete costs.          

  • 26' dome averages $57,800 - 30' dome averages $67,500

  • Footings - $5000 - $20,800 per unit- depends on soil conditions & footing depth requirements

  • Frost Footings not included unless arranged in advance and priced separately

  • Overhangs  - $4000 to $37,900 based on size

  • Parapet Walls - $30 SF averages $3000- $15,000

  • Smoothing concrete interior with plaster is priced separately.

  • Custom Sizes priced separately

  • Wall Height Extensions - 20" -  $7000  &  36" -  $9900 + Custom Taller sizes 3 to 8 ft increments

  • Skylights - many sizes, range: $3000 to $28,000

  • Blocked out Door & Window Openings $180 to $880 e.

  • Retaining Walls:  $30- $40 PSF

  • Electrical & Utility Blockouts: $50- $200 e.

Waterproofing Costs ranges from $4 to $10 SF and are estimated once your custom plan and your material choice selections are complete. Includes a waterproof membrane cover + can include additional concrete additives for extra protection for additional fees. Your cost choices are explained once your plan is completed.

Travel Expenses when using concrete forms is $10 per mile from KC, Missouri.  Depends on how much equipment and crew size and materials are required for you specific project. Extra Charge $9500 for domed roof buildings under 1000 sf due to crew & delivery costs and additional costs apply when building over 8 ft walls and two story structures.

Exterior insulation, stucco or other exterior finish, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, window/door/skylights, interior plaster or drywall, exterior finishes, etc. are provided by local installers and not included in our scope of work. When your custom plans are complete these costs are estimated.


(typically equal to new wood framing construction in your area)


Your Vision, Our Expertise: Tailoring Construction Costs to Your Unique Project

Embarking on a construction project can be a journey filled with excitement and anticipation. However, understanding the financial aspect of building your dream project is crucial. We recognize that every construction project is unique, and that's why we emphasize personalized cost estimation to reflect the true scope and nature of your undertaking.

Estimates vs. Reality: Navigating the Costs

Our published construction costs are estimates based on general conditions. It's important to note that costs can vary significantly depending on the location. For instance, construction in California generally incurs higher expenses compared to states like Georgia or Oklahoma. To provide you with the most accurate cost assessment, we delve deep into the specifics of your building site. Factors such as location, excavation requirements, electrical hookups, septic systems, and water access are crucial in shaping the final cost.

Customization and Precision in Planning

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your site and construction needs, we can develop a detailed plan and permit strategy. This approach allows us to estimate precise costs tailored to your custom project. Our expertise extends to coordinating with local construction support, ensuring that every aspect of your project aligns with regional standards and practices.

Diverse Design Options and Their Impacts on Cost

We offer a variety of design options to suit your taste and functional requirements. Whether you prefer flat, sloped, or domed ceilings, we have solutions that cater to your preferences. Our domed ceiling designs, for example, allow for spacious rooms of 24'x24' and 28'x28' without the need for structural columns. This design not only provides aesthetic appeal but also enhances spatial efficiency. Remember, the choices in insulation, waterproofing, drainage, and backfill will influence your budget, and these costs are estimated separately after finalizing your plan and material selections.

Partnering with You Every Step of the Way

Our services don't stop at design and planning. The consulting fee priced is $80 per hour, our design, engineering, and planning services are comprehensive. We're also equipped to collaborate with your personal architect, assisting with permit acquisition, design reviews, and even financing submittals. This full-service approach ensures a seamless and stress-free journey from concept to completion.

Embark on Your Construction Journey with Confidence

Your vision deserves a foundation built on precision, customization, and understanding. Let us guide you through the complexities of construction costs, turning your dream project into a tangible reality. 


Typically a 30% deposit of the proposed total basic concrete construction holds your place on our traveling crews construction list with a scheduled construction date and is applied to the final pours of your project. Full payment for each poured section is due within 3 days of completion or as defined by contractural agreed terms prior to construction.

* NOTE: All published prices are based on $100 per yard concrete cost, $650 per ton on steel and $80 hourly for pump truck fees. In some locations these costs are more. When local costs exceed these amounts, it is the responsibility of the owner building their project to pay for these additional costs.

Any deviations in basic module and additions during construction are priced separately at a labor rate of $65 per hour. Prices are based on Steel Rebar prices at $650 per ton. Additional costs may apply.

CONSTRUCTION TIME: Usually it takes two to three weeks to set up and pour each 600 to 1000 square foot of space including all exterior walls  and all door and window openings and electrical and plumbing conduit. This is typically faster than traditional framing systems. Then we consult as needed as your local contractor finishes your project to your plan and permitting specifications.



We assist in your planning, design, permitting, detailing, engineering, estimating and construction on all types of concrete, steel and wood buildings.

Couple and Architect
minimal design.png
1_Photo - 2 2.jpg
Hammond hill house.png
underground house6_edited_edited_edited.
pruit house sample.png
Hammond House Pool copy.png
green roof pool_edited.jpg
Additional Planning and Exterior, Interior, Landscaping and Kitchen Design Services Available at $80 hourly. Contact us to explain what you want... 

Use your imagination to create Your Style... We will support you to manifest your ideas from structure to interiors, gardens, alternative energy, solar panels... whatever you seek.

This Team also Designs Custom Fire Resistant Plans for Above Ground Construction 

* In some parts of the country, like California especially, where builders are constructing after forest fires new construction cost can be higher. Contact the team for more precise cost estimates for you custom project n your area.


This charming bungalow cottage home with Craftsman detailing has 1800 square feet of living space. The one-story floor plan includes 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. The exterior of the home has a welcoming covered front porch. Inside, the Great Room opens up to the dining room and kitchen, including a large island and breakfast bar. At the home's rear is a main floor master bedroom suite with a spacious master bathroom. A carport or garage is at the rear or can be on either side). 1800 SF  - 30 ft wide x 98 ft depth. It can also be designed to have a green roof as a more sustainable option.

  • Site Plan - with your site address

  • Foundation plan

  • Dimensional floor plan

  • Exterior views

  • Roof plan

  • Electrical layout

  • Wall section(s)

  • Interior elevations

  • Building section(s)

  • Cabinet elevations

  • Framing & Trim details

These items below are included in package with additional fees:

  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp for permit applications - handled locally if required or by our engineers licensed in 50 states for additional fee.

  • Soil tests if required- arranged for additional fee

  • Mechanical Drawings (location of heating and air equipment and ductwork) - your subcontractors typically handle this with our coordination.

  • Plumbing Drawings (drawings showing the actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations) - your subcontractors handle this with our coordination.

  • Energy calculations - handled locally when required.

  • Interior & Landscape Design Drawings & Specifications

  • Craftsman / Mission style furniture:

We provide Custom Design, Planning, Engineering, Estimating, Interior Design, Landscape Design and CAD Drafting Services with utmost accuracy, enabling you to convert blueprints, PDFs’ and scanned images into accurate and editable CAD Drawings. We offer a spectrum of Planning and CAD Drafting Services as under: 1. Architectural CAD  2. Structural CAD Drafting  3. Mechanical CAD Drafting. Etc.


Our experienced CAD Draftsmen prepare accurate CAD drawings that are interoperable across all Autodesk products such as AutoCAD, 3D Modeling, etc. The CAD Drafting output can be any CAD Formats. We take great care of layouts and protocols along with the legends, notes, title block with correct information, details as called out on the drawing index. Having worked on global projects, our CAD Designers can comprehend complex elements to perfection. 

mission LR.png
Craftsman Bedroom.png
Craftsman Dining Room.png
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