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Some clients have difficulties getting traditional bank mortgages on Earth covered projects, because their appraised value is difficult to establish since only a few exist. So, we have also developed ways to build more conventional custom homes which are often easier to finance, yet still very energy efficient. These can be made of concrete, steel, wood, block, etc. View the gallery of choices below.

These can be super insulated and fire and disaster resistant. They have the same advantages of underground and earth-sheltered buildings. Plus, with advance planning you can add green roofs later.
Go to Earth Sheltered for more underground applications.  
Below are a few style and planning drawing examples.

ANY STYLE from Country to Modern and Rustic are available. Build the custom protection and style you want.

SCOPE OF SUPPORT AVAILABLE: We will provide the construction support you require and let you do the part you want.

- If you want only construction and permitting documents these can be provided with engineering seals in all 50 states.
- If you want our traveling crews to pour the concrete portions of your project this can be arranged.
- If you wish to save by being an Owner Builder without a general contractor we can consult you on how to set up this process
- We give construction consulting and advise as needed.
- If you want help locating your required locally licensed excavator, plumber, electrician, contractor, etc. we can find these 

Our greatest joy and motivator is seeing your projects get built well and in a timely manner. Whenever we can help ease your process or understanding on the construction of your project, just ask. We are committed to supporting our clients in whatever manner they might require.

GO TO for details on traditional above ground homes & combination builds >

Low-impact projects we consider more
SUSTAINABLE HOUSING because it is more cost effective, lasts longer, and is built from resources that are often readily available. We are apart of a sustainability think tank that demonstrates, plans and builds different sustainable living examples and prototypes for self-sufficient projects around the world. Each village model represents different eco-build methodologies designed as affordable and eco-friendly living with the additional option to be combined with sustainable food and energy systems. Contact us for more information on these sustainable projects and go to our blogs to learn more on SUSTAINABILITY, EMERGENCY PREPARATION, PERMACULTURE, BIODIVERSITY, ETC.