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This Team helps you with Construction Documents, Engineering, Permit Applications, Solar, Sewer... whatever is needed.


YOU are the lead designer on your project. They will help you find whatever you seek for your sustainable building plans.


  • Dreams are easy to think about, but tough to make real!
  • This team shows you how to plan, permit and build your project on your site anywhere.
  • It is difficult to develop an affordable planning application without professional support.
  • This Architecture Team provides low-cost custom plans to make your ideas real with all the required permits/cost estimates.
  • This team offers the best value in the market! Cost depends on scope of the planning, permitting and construction document work required.
  • Less than other architects and engineers. Only what you need.
green roof pool view isn't merely a design and architecture destination; it's a journey into a world where imagination takes flight and sustainability takes root. Join us in redefining how we build, how we live, and how we connect with Nature. Explore our portfolio, delve into our design, engineering, permitting, architecture and construction services, and embark on a transformational experience that will forever change the way you perceive the spaces you inhabit.
Planning, Engineering, Permitting & Construction Services: From the first stroke of inspiration to the final brushstroke, we embrace a holistic approach on your more sustainable projects that encapsulates design, development, and meticulous planning, extending to encompass construction documentation, permitting, structural engineering and construction services in all 50 states. Providing whatever you need to build your dream project in your unique architectural style.

Where Art, Sustainability, and Innovation Converge to Shape Your More Natural and Less Stressful World.
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More Project Samples:


What constitutes a more self-reliant, health-oriented home and a lifestyle with greater resilience?


Achieving self-sufficiency and improved well-being doesn't necessitate relocating to a remote cabin and embracing a primitive lifestyle. Our dedicated planning and design team is here to assist you in exploring avenues that extend beyond just constructing your residence. We can guide you in devising strategies to cultivate your own food, reduce energy consumption, enhance your health, and realize financial savings, regardless of your location.

Self-sufficient residences encompass a comprehensive capacity to fulfill their energy, water, sewage, and dietary requirements—truly embodying the essence of environmentally conscious living. These homes are meticulously crafted from a significant proportion of locally sourced renewable and recycled materials. Whether you're considering building a self-sufficient dwelling from the ground up or incorporating modifications into your current living or working space, our expert design and planning team offers counsel on a spectrum of possibilities to empower your self-reliance journey. This includes everything from novel construction ventures to the strategic layout of agricultural sites and gardens.

Benefits of having a healthy and self-sufficient home:

  • Lower carbon footprint – It’s important that we take steps now to reduce our negative impact and help to sustain the environment for our future generations.

  • Reduced energy costs – Rising electricity prices mean that average energy bills have soared over the past 10 years. Self-sufficient homes use solar power which costs far less than electricity from the grid. It also means that you will never be exposed to energy price rises again. Earth covered and super insulated building can reduce energy cost at least 75%.

  • Bill-free lifestyle – Once your systems are in place and paid for, you will essentially have access to free electricity and water supply. This means that you should be able to live a bill-free lifestyle which creates financial freedom for you and your family.

  • Higher property value – Buyers are increasingly seeing the benefits that self-sufficient homes offer, from lower running costs to a more sustainable way of living. Green homes now attract a much higher property value than their non-green counterparts.

Things to consider when creating your more sustainable and self-sufficient home:

  • Water management

Securing an independent water supply can be difficult. Drilling a well is one of the more obvious choices, but this is not always an option. Another idea is to collect rainwater. The water can be pumped through a water filtration system and then used safely for everything. When planning your home tese water collection and storage locations need considered n advance.

  • Alternative electricity

The next step to creating a self-sufficient home is to switch to renewable energy, such as solar, hydro and wind power. Although the initial installation may seem costly, it is much more efficient, and is likely to save you money in the long run. Some tax credits are available to assist with installation costs. Solar is a clean, maintenance-free, energy source that will provide your home with electricity that has minimal harm on the environment when the proper equipment and systems are used. You also have the potential to earn an extra income with solar via the Feed-in Tariff in locations where this is offered.

  • Food

Growing your own organic fruit and vegetables is a major step towards achieving a self-sufficient home. Although this will require effort and dedication, it is definitely worth it and a pleasurable pastime. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money on groceries. With the recent increases in food costs and availability it is wise to have at least a three month supply of food  stored in your home so you are prepared for unforetold emergencies. When you grow more than you need canning, dehydrating and freezing is a self reliant choice. Even if you only have a balcony and live in an apartment there are ways to optimizing your food growing and storing strategies.

Next steps:

You are most likely aware of the increases in the price of electricity, water, utilities, transport and building materials along with growing concerns for our environment and the effects of global warming. Making your home more sustainable, self-sufficient and safe will save you money and stress. All it takes is some dedication, grounded research, access to reliable advise and you will create your cost-efficient and healthier home. This professional design and planning team has years of experience building and living in resilient self sufficient environments and are happy to share their experiences, solutions and ongoing experiments. CONTACT us for FREE CONSULT about YOUR PROJECT.


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Interior & Garden Design Service are offered on an hourly time rate. No usual additional product markups. Modern to Traditional

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Purpose, Vision, Mission and Objectives for Designing Sustainable Architecture with Biodiversity Integrations -


Our mission is to empower individuals in shaping a superior world. This mission is pursued through innovative sustainability solutions that not only showcase an enhanced way of life but also provide accessible open-source resources for widespread adoption. Our aspiration is to inaugurate an era defined by cooperation, collaboration, and sustainability. We achieve this by exemplifying the potential, streamlining replication processes, ensuring affordability, and enhancing attractiveness. In doing so, we aim to facilitate the global proliferation of constructive and sustainable initiatives.  



  • Contribute to creating a more comprehensively sustainable world.

  • Make sustainable and ecological living a mainstream option.

  • Offer the Planning, Permitting and Construction Documents to clients that will enable them to build their projects.

  • Become an open-source multimedia resources for sustainable infrastructure with freely available resources when possible.

  • Provide a pristine working example of sustainable living to promote proof of concept replicable by others environment across the globe.

  • Evolve sustainable solutions based on the current needs of people and their environment with design/architecture lab testing.

We bring together our expertise, years of experience, and educational insights to assist clients in realizing their unique visions. Additionally, we curate a collection of recommended strategies for sustainable planning and construction. Our approach involves employing solution-oriented models to showcase the potential of biodiversity and sustainable practices, with the aim of catalyzing a global movement that revolutionizes life on Earth by minimizing our reliance on natural resources. The aspiration for tackling our most pressing challenges with the available resources and technology is shared by many.


In essence, most of us possess the capability to provide nourishment, shelter, and energy for every individual on the planet. Regrettably, these solutions remain inaccessible to a significant portion of the population. However, by granting people access to reliable information and fostering a willingness to address their circumstances, they can learn to craft tailored solutions that cater to their unique situations. Our ultimate goal extends beyond the immediate. We wish to empower individuals not only to absorb knowledge as they build their projects, but also to pass on their skills & knowledge.


Unlike many prevailing movements in sustainable and biodiverse architecture and planning, which draw from historical building systems such as cob, straw bale, adobe, and log constructions, we advocate for an architectural approach that embraces a synthesis of time-tested methods and contemporary innovation. Our aim is to craft architectural solutions that possess robust insulation and structural integrity while adhering to enduring patterns of development. While a minority might be captivated by unconventional dwelling forms like Hobbit houses, tepees, yurts, and geodesic domes, the majority of individuals are naturally drawn to the housing styles they are accustomed to from their upbringing. This team provides whatever style the client seeks with eco-design solutions.


Through the synergy of our planning, permitting services, and accessible open-source resources, our objective is to enhance the feasibility and affordability of projects. This is achieved by harnessing sustainable materials that not only contribute to prolonged lifespan but also amplify energy efficiency, thereby curbing energy consumption and maintenance demands. The resultant architectural forms can span the spectrum from classic to contemporary, catering to a wide array of stylistic preferences.


Some of the primary elements to achieving the best sustainable results is considering each building site and how passive solar and insulation elements can be applied to make every building energy efficient. Natural materials with a long life are best so maintenance is minimal. A hybrid of stone and lime mortar, stucco, charred wood, rammed earth, hempcrete, hybrid concrete, hybrid adobe/cob and timber are some of our favorite materials.The structural strength of all building is important. They must meet local building codes. When possible we prefer high density solutions that leave the natural landscape intact and combined into indoor and outdoor living patterns.


For each of the above areas, there are the different aspects we wish to consider when developing more sustainable plans and models. These are developed in order to make  the buildings replication and adaptation as easy as possible:

  • Complete building plans/blueprints and 3D models.

  • Cost and implementation needs

  • Cost analysis for material and equipment

  • Time-investment and labor needs for each component

  • How to work with local governments, counties, codes, etc. when needed

  • Multi-media reports and tutorials sharing  what is learned through the process

  • An updating list of the best places found for purchasing materials, equipment, etc.

  • Complete and on-going sharing of experience, development/adaptation, modification, and evolutions created by us and other using the original solution models.

These initial solution models hopefully will provide the living examples for people to evaluate, adapt, and evolve the concepts sufficiently to appeal to mainstream culture. As soon as this tipping point in mainstream interest happens, history has taught us that human ingenuity will find a way to work together to create what they want, problem solve where needed, and start thinking differently. Many of the specifics of eco, efficient, artistic, sustainable and technology-rich design have already been thought of and studied. What’s important to understand is that it is possible with sufficient public support, desire, and involvement to still avoid the climate changes and global collapse that many are predicting. It is important to start developing much more sustainable and biodiverse solutions NOW.


We aim to encompass the entirety of the human experience within the context of relationships and sustainably constructed environments. Our motivation stems from recognizing the intricate interconnections between solutions for energy conservation, global food security, housing, education, social inequality, ethical business practices, earth regenerative techniques, and the aspiration for a more enriching way of life. By adopting a holistic approach, we address all these facets simultaneously during the development of sustainable architectural solutions. On this website, you will find a plethora of sustainable solutions under consideration, in development, and already realized. Our approach also draws inspiration from classical and agrarian urbanism, incorporating farm and village patterns that serve to mitigate suburban sprawl and the wastage of natural resources wherever feasible. Learn MoreContact us.

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