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One of this team's specialties is wineries from site planning to construction of production facilities and tasting rooms. 

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Build Your Secure Wine / Cheese / Mushroom Caves, Storage and Earth Sheltered, Underground and Subterranean Structures at REDUCED COST with Decreased Utilities and Maintenance.

From Growing to Storage & Sales - Wine and Grow Caves offer Fast Results

Farm Caves provides wineries and cannabis growers with a one-stop shopping experience and expert consultation. These earth integrated buildings can be tailored to meet the exact needs of any operation. An architectural specialist works with customers to ensure each are getting the ideal building for their operation in all phases of production, storage and sales.

From concept to completion, this team provides support, no matter what region. Earth-Sheltered growing buildings equipped with accessories, like lights, heating, cooling, growing, processing and storage systems produce more of the highest-quality harvests in all four seasons at minimal costs.. Plus, these underground buildings with 10+ foot concrete walls and ceilings and three feet of earth cover are virtual fortresses. Increase you profits and protection with Wine and Farm Caves.

Profit Advantages

These concrete underground wine caves and cannabis and other growing production facilities will boost your business potential.  Wine and Farm Caves are the most energy-efficient option for the industry. It drops energy costs dramatically, and are virtually maintenance free.


Environmental control options enable operations on any scale while reducing labor. All of these factors, and many more, enable operations to become more profitable faster. Winery and Farm Caves' building systems cuts costs, lasts longer, are more flexible and safer. Contact us when you want the best choice.


Our underground building systems cost LESS than other secure cave storage and production and marketing buildings. We have built growing & storage caves for half the estimates provide by other providers.

11 Good Reasons for Building Your Earth Integrated Underground & Earth Sheltered Structures


  1. Marketing and Tourism – Wine & Cannabis enthusiasts are drawn to the romance of caves for touring production, wine tastings, food pairings, auctions, and special events. Possibilities for your custom facility are endless. Caves make your project a unique and memorable experience for all.

  2. Storage – A consistent temperature range (55°F -75°F) provides optimum year round conditions for aging and storage, and it is also ideal for controlled air and ventilation controls. Surface warehouses require energy to cool, heat, and humidify. Storage space can take up precious space.

  3. Lower Product Evaporation – Th humidity controls in caves minimizes evaporation. For wine humidity in a cave is naturally 70-90%. In comparison to a surface warehouse, a wine cave can reduce the average evaporation during storage from four gallons out of each sixty gallon-barrel per year, down to one gallon per barrel per year! Red wines require an average humidity level of 75% for aging and barrel storage, and they are aged for an average of two years, which represents a 10% gross volume loss difference. White wines require an average humidity level of 85% or higher for aging and barrel storage, and they are barrel aged for one year, representing a 5% gross volume loss difference. In short, reduced evaporation means increased profits. Due to the density of concrete underground you can create whatever air environment and purification you want.

  4. Lower Alcohol content = Lower Taxes – Example: ABC tax in California is $.80 per gallon, if Alcohol By Volume is higher than 14%, the tax raises to $1.40 per gallon.

  5. Site Utilization – Above ground buildings and storage warehouses take up a large amount of land space, while underground caves frees valuable surface area for multiple uses. 

  6. Reduce Construction Cost – Our custom concrete forming system and traveling crew arrives at your winery or estate site as you arrange after plans, costs and schedule are defined. Most caves today are made by blasting a cave into the ground, reinforced with wire fabric, and in some cases shotcrete. Many sites do not lend easily to this process due to complex geology and poor quality rock. Planning and permitting times and cost for subterranean structures compared to drilled caves are greatly reduced with our system. This allows for building caves in areas that are otherwise unsuitable for cave construction, lowering overall building costs by saving time, labor, and materials.

  7. Save Energy – Underground caves naturally hold consistent temperature and humidity levels. This helps to eliminate the substantial heating, cooling, and humidifying costs of a surface warehouse, creating a more effective and efficient storage area for your estate or winery.

  8. Carbon Footprint –  Caves and earth sheltered structures are ecologically and environmentally sound, constructed using innovative and sustainable building practices. Coupled with lowering the use of electricity and gas to power your storage facility, our wine caves will help to decrease the carbon footprint of your business.

  9. Increased Safety and Security – All Custom Caves and Earth Sheltered structures built provide both ingress and egress for safety, security and convenience. Fire suppression technology is also available in any cave we design and build, allowing you to feel secure in the safety of your stored products.

  10. Lower Maintenance  and Utility Costs – Underground caves and buildings covered with earth and built of concrete last for years with minimal maintenance costs reducing business operation costs, especially for cooling and heating.

  11. Increased Profitability – Lower operational costs, greater construction savings, lower product evaporation, and increased volume of tourism translate into more wine sales at a lower cost for storage and production.

Contact us to get  FREE 4 hours of Planning Time to Get you started on your CUSTOM PROJECT: 


We comprise a versatile and multidisciplinary team proficient in offering an array of services encompassing the construction of wine caves, as well as both above and below ground structures. With more than two decades, we specialize in designing, engineering, and constructing underground spaces, ranging from rooms and warehouses to even tornado-resistant schools and commercial establishments. Our expertise spans various aspects including feasibility assessments, meticulous site evaluations, rigorous materials testing, and the seamless realization of monolithic poured concrete shell structures. From initial planning and permitting to the final stages of construction, we bring a comprehensive skillset to every project. This experience includes feasibility studies, evaluating site conditions, materials testing, construction of the monolithic poured concrete shell structures with planning, permitting and construction.

This forming system is fast and inexpensive. Typically the same as,traditional above ground building and much less than most cave construction systems + creating greatly reduced heating and cooling cost! And many customers are attracted to experience these magical spaces. 

Contact us for more information. First Consult Free... Starts at $95 per square foot.

Wine • Cheese • Mushroom Cave & Underground Farming Advantages:


Clearly, eliminating the costs of cooling or heating a building are already significant in most areas, and rising energy costs make this argument even more compelling. Increasingly, businesses are focusing on humidity control as a major savings. In a typical wine warehouse without humidification, about four gallons of wine evaporates from a 60-gallon barrel each year, according the industry in Sonora, CA. In the two years that fine red wine is typically aged, that amounts to eight gallons. In a humid cave, that's typically reduced to one gallon per year, a savings of more than 10 percent of the valuable contents. For cheese, food and cannabis production the lighting, humidity and temperature control is paramount in controlling quality.


Farmers have found underground farming with LED lights can yield superior produce in 1/5 the space. Some studies show underground farming production yields ten times more quality product over above ground open air farming.


Caves have become a significant marketing differentiator for many wineries, creameries and farming caves. Customers and visitors love caves, and adding a cave can make your business a more attractive destination. That's a significant advantage in business, with steep competition. Just as significantly, caves are attractive sites for tastings, dinners and other events. Many caves have created elaborate reception and sampling rooms underground, creating highly desirable sites for functions.


With the increase in farming produce year around using LED lights earth sheltered and underground buildings are the optimal choice for farming with increased yields, more security with energy and water savings.



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