Custom Earth Sheltered's Traveling Concrete Crews Build Your Earth Integrated Project on Your Site 
Have you dreamed of creating your own earth sheltered buildings, caves or green roof above ground structures, but not sure how to start without spending LOTS of money and time figurING out the best way to do this with the BEST WATERPROOFING?
If so, you are not alone. That's why we have developed a system that is inexpensive, fast, strong and waterproof. Plus, our traveling crews come to your building site any where to construct your custom plan the way you want it.
Typically, within one to two months you have the concrete walls and domed or flat roof built and ready to add doors, windows and complete interiors and landscaping. You can then DIY or hire a local contractor to finish using traditional methods. You may design your own plan, hire your own architect, or use our custom in-house planning service. We have engineering seals in all States for our building systems and have assisted with permitting in other countries when required.
This site offers information, plans and photographs of earth-sheltered homes, underground construction and wine caves. We provide cost estimates for your project in each state of the USA and abroad once your custom plans are completed.

How to get started:

All of our structures are custom designed to fit individual customer needs as well as the building site itself. When we receive information from you about the project that you plan to create, we will be able to speak in detail about the possibilities and choices  for your project that typically offer planning and building services below market value.

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RECEIVE  FREE 4 hours of planning time to get you started on your CUSTOM PROJECT: 

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Underground Hillside House

Custom Earth Sheltered Construction's Building Process & Advantages 

for Wine Cave, Resorts, Schools, Homes, etc.

With enormous environmental & economical benefits, there are many reasons to construct Wine / Cheese Caves & Earth Sheltered or Green Roof structures for your business.

Ultimate “Green” Build

Wine Caves and Earth Sheltered Buildings utilize the earth’s insulation properties to reduce energy costs. When compared to the energy usage required to cool and heat above ground buildings, the savings is substantial. And imagine how the hillsides look without more surface buildings. When building underground from 2000 sf or 30,000 sf. land and resources are saved by building with our concrete form building system.

Maximized Temperature and Humidity to earn profits

Acting as a virtual air conditioner during the summer and radiant heater to connected buildings in the winter, wine caves provide relatively constant temperature and humidity, averaging 55-65 degrees year round.

Reduced Evaporative Losses

With the potential to reduce barrel evaporation 5-10 %, wine caves offer wineries a significant increase in yield, in addition to better control of alcohol levels by reducing evaporation.

Environmental Advantages

Wine caves and Earth Sheltered buildings provide reduced impact land, energy and water use, developing more profits while being more environmentally responsible. Many residents and environmentalists oppose above ground structures that destroy the natural landscape and cause irreversible damage to forests and hillsides. Wine caves typically receive favorable support from counties involved in the wine industry.


Cost Efficiency

Our improvements in construction technology have allowed caves and underground building to remain cost competitive, often competitive with surface construction costs. This is not typical of most systems who typically cost more. Grapes and other plantings are easily grow on top after construction, maximizing land use while saving heating, cooling and water costs in production.


Long Life, Low Maintenance and Extreme Weather Security

Our improve construction methods integrated with earth sheltered and underground applications   brings many advantages. These concrete structures are made to last for generations with minimal upkeep. Our 30+ years of experience has included building many earth sheltered buildings from wine caves to schools that have withstood extreme weather conditions including tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.


Wine Caves and Earth Sheltered Hotels & Homes Attract Customers

There is a romance about a cave that is difficult to describe. Experience shows that wine caves as destination attract additional visitors when besides storage and processing facilities, they are also used as tasting rooms, reception halls and other public events. The facilities can remain rustic, with a natural feel or become sleek and modern depending on the owner's style tastes.

Increased Marketing Potential

As the wine and tourism industries become more competitive, constructing a cave allows owners to extend their winery's brand and generate more enthusiasm and word of mouth referrals. Caves are now used extensively during wine auction weekends, marketing events, philanthropic benefits, and other events held for worldwide distributors.

The Custom Earth Sheltered Wine Cave Building Process:

Cave Works and Earth Sheltered Construction encompasses a range of services and techniques including:

  • Excavation for the poured-in-place monolithic concrete modular caves and earth sheltered and above ground buildings with domed ceilings. The placement choices below the ground are extensive with some being places several feet below the ground to being bermed over at ground level and above ground buildings with green roof gardens. During the planning process the owners desires are addressed and the caves are placed accordingly.

  • Installation of the foundations and forming systems according to the owner's design configurations and specifications. Walls and ceilings are reinforced by the insertion of steel reinforcing bars to the highest engineering standard which are customized to each unique cave building.

  • Allowances for basic utilities and ventilation are placed in walls and ceilings before the concrete is poured including – hot and cold water, compressed air, gas, cables, internet, electrical, HVAC, drainage, etc. as required by owner.

  • A pump truck is accompanied by the concrete trucks during the pouring process into the aluminum form sets. It only requires typically two to three hours to pour the concrete into the forming system which when complete is 650 to 1000 sf each plus retaining walla as required.

  • After the forms are removed from the concrete to be set up for the next section the sections cure a few days before waterproofing, interior and exterior finishing, mechanical systems, etc. are completed.

  • These concrete buildings are later covered with soil using earth moving equipment. The strength of domed formed ceiling allows extensive soil to be placed on top which can be planted as the owner wishes.

We share our years of experience planning and building earth sheltered caves, homes, schools, businesses, etc. to insure the owners' create their dream project in the manner they wish with consideration to aesthetics, time and budget. You are the primary designer throughout the process as we provide the support and coordination required to build your wine cave or other earth sheltered and green roof project. 

Your vision for the form and function of your wine cave and earth sheltered project is unique. We guide you through this process from the overall layout, portal configurations, doors, lighting, ventilation, wash stations, plumbing, finish,es floors, drainage, waterproofing, barrel storage methods, aesthetics, ventilation, intersections, architectural style, dimensions, entertainment areas, etc. More planning upfront will result in a project that proceeds efficiently and avoids delays and additional costs. Our team is honored to serve and assist in all the capacities required to build your dream project.

CONTACT us by email with more questions at and we can schedule a free phone consultation.