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BUILD YOUR PROJECT to resist fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, theft and other disasters. This DESIGN + BUILD traveling crew helps you build your more resilient projects anywhere above and below the ground.

Build for Resilience, Build for the Future: Discover the Power of Fire-Resistant, Disaster-Proof Structures

In a world increasingly challenged by natural disasters and environmental uncertainties, the need for resilient and durable structures has never been more critical. Our unique DESIGN + BUILD  design team and traveling construction crew is dedicated to bringing this vision to life, crafting buildings designed to withstand the harshest conditions, from raging fires to devastating hurricanes , earthquakes and tornadoes. We are committed to building a safer, more secure future for you, wherever you are – above or below the ground.

Earth-Sheltered and Above-Ground Fire Resistance

Our approach blends innovative design with practicality, focusing on earth-sheltered and above-ground structures that offer unparalleled fire resistance. In areas prone to bushfires and forest fires, our buildings stand as fortresses of safety. The surrounding soil and other fire-resistant materials act as robust barriers against direct flame contact, while our unique incorporation of earth and shutters provides outstanding insulation, protecting interiors from heat.

Superior to Traditional Wooden Structures

Traditional wooden structures pale in comparison to our buildings when it comes to resisting ember attacks. Our meticulously engineered, fire-resistant buildings, made from materials like reinforced concrete, treated wood, or steel with fire-resistant properties, are not only cost-competitive but also boast extended longevity. They represent a smart investment in safety without sacrificing environmental responsibility.


Underground Wine Caves and Agricultural Structures

Beyond residential and commercial buildings, our expertise extends to creating specialized structures like Wine Caves and indoor growing facilities, both underground and above. These spaces offer ideal environments for cultivation and storage, featuring maximum security, filtered air, and controlled lighting, all while ensuring energy efficiency and time savings. Our hybrid earth-integrated building systems provide a sustainable architectural choice that aligns with your values and needs while reducing your carbon footprint..

Comprehensive Assistance from Concept to Construction

Our experienced team is ready to guide you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect building system to producing comprehensive construction documents, engineering plans, and permit applications. We ensure that your vision comes to life on your site, tailored to your specific requirements and aspirations. Build Resilient. Build Smart. Build with Us.

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Earth Integration and Fire Resistant Material Advantages include:

  • Low cost per sq. ft.

  • Low utility costs... up to 90% savings

  • Innovative & versatile designs

  • Numerous plan & covering options

  • Durable, American-made concrete, steel and wood construction

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Improved ventilation control

  • Automated light deprivation systems

  • In-house design and construction

  • Structures of any size

  • Extra-tall options

  • Fast construction times

  • Optimal growing environments

  • Improved security & inventory protection

Earth Integrations and Super Insulation provides consistent interior temperatures near 60 to 70 degrees year round. Utility saving when underground or super insulated is typically more than 50%.This team offers coordinated planning, engineering, permitting and specifications for heating, cooling, ventilation equipment, finishes, etc. Plus, a traveling construction crew that can build your project on your site. 


 The advantages are many:

  1. A local material that is usually plentiful and can often be found locally reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. Can often be made at the construction site or nearby which eliminates the need to transport the materials required to build the walls.

  2. Primarily a bio-degradable material

  3. Helps with management of resources and limits deforestation

  4. Energy efficiency and eco friendliness

  5. Cost efficiency

  6. An adapted material

  7. A transferable technology

  8. Market opportunity

  9. Long lasting. Average life of a wood frame building is 70 years.

  10. Reducing imports

  11. Flexible production scale

  12. Social acceptance

  13. Provide better noise control

  14. Earth Integrated construction is economically beneficial

  15. Construction is environmentally sustainable

  16. Strong Structural Integity with proper engineering

  17. Promotes local culture, heritage, and material

  18. Earth and Clays is available in large quantities in most regions

  19. Earth is very good in fire resistance

  20. Earth walls (loam) absorb pollutants

  21. Easy to design with high aesthetic value

  22. when insulated improves indoor air humidity and temperature

  23. It encourages self-help construction

  24. It requires simple tools and less skilled labor

  25. Loam preserves timber and other organic materials

  26. Provide a nice place to live and work 

  27. Environmentally sound - Dirt is a renewable resource that is plentiful. Takes less energy to make compared to the extreme heat necessary to make traditional concrete, and the deforestation required to build with wood. Earth walls are sound proof, fire proof and mold proof.

  28. Non-Toxic - Since the blocks are made from natural material they do not out-gas any toxic chemicals.



Underground house builders, Earth shelter house costs
Underground house builders, Earth shelter house costs

Traditional to Modern Earth Designs are planned as strong fire & disaster resistant structures that will protect your family.

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