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What we offer:

  • At the heart of our offering lies a team of highly skilled and seasoned planning, 3D modeling, engineering and construction consultants. This collective expertise is dedicated to promoting sustainable and high-quality planning and building practices.

  • We place paramount importance on attentive listening, tailoring our consultancy services precisely to your unique requirements. With a wealth of experience, we have cultivated strong affiliations with local authorities, ensuring our up-to-date understanding of rules and regulations.

  • Our close rapport with legal authorities empowers us to swiftly and adeptly navigate challenges, procuring optimal solutions for any issues that may arise.

  • Should any concerns arise, we stand primed to engage in discussions and address them to your satisfaction.

  • Moreover, our repertoire extends to encompass a range of complementary building systems and products. These offerings are perfectly suited for the construction of earth sheltered, underground, above-ground buildings, and even wine caves. Facilitated by our mobile building crews and comprehensive design services, achieving your desired construction objectives is now characterized by minimal complications and heightened cost efficiency.


  • Designers & Planners: varied scales, types, styles... from concept, sketch, & 3D models to plan sets...

  • Project Programming & Scheduling

  • Greener Interior, Exterior, & Landscape Design 

  • New Projects & Additions 

  • Project Concepts, Development, & Implementation

  • Sustainable Designs Standards

  • Minimal to Comprehensive Design Support

  • Construction Crews with Concrete forming systems come to your building site and set up and pour the basic concrete shells for your Custom plans.



  • Constructibility Analyses 

  • Contract & Construction Plans & Permitting Documents

  • Cost estimating & Scheduling 

  • Construction  with Supervision 

  • Construction Inspection 

  • Project and Contractor Scheduling Administration and Coordination

  • Advise on local finishing sub-contractors as required

  • Advise on best materials & methods



  • Sustainability Plans fom a Home to Businesses, Schools & Wine Caves

  • Smart Growth 

  • Planning Studies 

  • Cost Estimates and Analysis Energy 

  • Zoning Ordinance Review

  • BUILDING SYSTEMS with Greener Standards

  • Site Planning and Engineering 

  • Structural Analysis & Design 

  • Heating- including passive solar...

  • Ventilation

  • Air Conditioning 

  • Interior/Exterior Lighting

  • Electrical Power Emergency 

  • Systems Plumbing/Sanitary 

  • Energy Audits/Conservation 

  • Systems Green Roofing 

We know how to get high quality designs and standards delivered to your project that can include local services, labor, and materials for greener and often less expensive choices or advise on how you can do things yourself. Whether your taste is rustic or high finish we support your project to a level that can become your unique work of art. 

After meeting and discussing your project you decide freely whether our team is right for you. No hard sales pitch - talking together typically clarifies if working together is a good fit.  You don’t have to be wealthy to afford us. Clients often tell us the time and money they saved on the construction cost of their project from our advise more than covered our fees.

This team creates many types of projects from smaller to spacious eco-conscious energy conserving homes, businesses and housing developments. These spaces can be nestled in Nature, with passive solar orientation, have alternative power sources, beautiful sustainable floors, etc... From a spacious covered wrap-around porch or vine covered trellis to traditional, vernacular, or ultra modern style homes and even whole village complexes clustered around lush garden settings with nature views are some of the many choices you may consider when using our team.


This design and build team provides you with a level of service that is difficult to find in most firms and still costs less than half of typical architecture and engineering rates. Because we have found integrating services is more efficient in time and money and increases the quality of projects, we offer construction, permitting and design services and products and project construction management consulting services that can coordinate the complex components of many types of projects. We know how to save you time and money.

Our team of skilled professionals excels in developing and orchestrating a wide array of processes, including construction, design, planning, fabrication, BIM/CAD, permaculture gardens, community planning, and eco transition projects, all across different scales. With our extensive experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a keen eye for quality design, we guarantee outstanding results that harmonize with and bolster Your Vision, enabling you to bring your desired creations to life.

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Design/Planning: Exterior, Interior & Landscape, Rendering, Modeling & Construction Services - Modern to Traditional

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Previous Clients & Projects: 

The Rouse Company

International Development

French Country Living Stores

Tommy Hilfiger

Coca Cola

JC Penney

Cameron Seafood Market 

Heartlight School 

Baltimore Orioles

Rocky Mountain Development

Crestone Medical Center

The French Bistro

Alexander Julian

Georgetown Cotton

Friar’s Point Condominiums

Maya Moon Resort
Harvest Hills Center
Skorba Country House Hotel
La Reina Wellness Spa

Solon Architects
Treasure Trove Jewelry
International Council SC
San Jeronimo Development
City of Milford, CT
Green Peace
VIA Design

Collaborative International SMA
Villa Dona Boutique Hotel

Robert Young Associates

Woodland Hills Arts Colony

Valdes Arts Residences

Neimen Marcus & other retailers

Beau Vigne Winery

Tolay Springs Winery 

Bustamonte Vineyard Estates 

Algarobbo Beach Village Resort

Shogren Design Group
Kendall Jackson Winery

Jess Jackson Family Estates

VIA International Art Foundation
Sacks Vineyard Estates
Smirnoff Bayview Residence

Hammonds Residence
Saskia Sound Studio
VIA ARTS & DESIGN Residencies
Valdas Loft Apartments

Zara Villas
Weiss Design
Andrew Stein  Gallery & Residences
Snyder House and Studio
Kaplan Townhouse
Kelly Farm House Restoration

Richardson Beach Condominiums

Shishova Beach House
Gelb Residence
Podesta Residence
Terra Dome Corporation
Tivis Estates
River House Winery 

Belize Development Resources

Indigo Beach Boutique Hotel

56 Residential Projects-

Architecture, Interiors, Landscape

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