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Learn how to plan, permit & build your project   

Hillside Plan
Permitting and land planning in the United States
Rustic Modern Designers and Architects

Our Eco-Plannering team at Custom Earth Sheltered specializes in designing, engineering, permitting and building sustainable, green projects that are both functional and beautiful. With our expertise in earth-sheltered, underground and traditional building systems, we are your go-to provider for all your planning and building needs. We understand the importance of sustainability and work to ensure that your projects are both eco-friendly and fire-resistant.

  • Offering you custom eco home plans for diverse projects including homes, farms, homesteads, family compounds, businesses, wineries, school, retail and hospitality projects.

  • 20 years of experience offering streamlined online architectural drawing, modeling, engineering, permitting services, and sustainable and earth integrated construction support in all 50 states at half the cost of most custom planning services . 

  • Dedication to creating sustainable, functional, waterproof and artful living environments that harmonize with Nature.

  • Plans, Engineering, Permitting & Construction Support, in all USA & Beyond. Planning Earth-Sheltered to Traditional Passive Solar Projects

Merrill farmhouse.png isn't merely a design and building destination; it's a journey into a world where imagination takes flight and sustainability takes root. Join us in redefining how we build, how we live, and how we connect with Nature. Explore our portfolio, delve into our design, engineering, permitting, architecture and construction services, and embark on a transformational experience that will forever change the way you perceive the spaces you inhabit.
Planning, Engineering, Permitting & Construction Services: From the first stroke of inspiration to the final brushstroke, we embrace a holistic approach on your more sustainable projects that encapsulates design, development, and meticulous planning, extending to encompass construction documentation, permitting, structural engineering and construction services in all 50 states. Providing whatever you need to build your dream project in your unique style.

Where Art, Sustainability, and Innovation Converge to Shape Your More Natural and Less Stressful World.

This, difficult to find, regenerative eco-habitat planning team, is a group of planning, engineering & construction professionals going beyond typical construction standards. Your custom underground or more traditional above ground building plans are designed & built to be energy efficient, comfortable, sustainable and regenerative. Enhance your life quality & Nature connections.  
Build your custom homes and building projects in US & abroad. Coordinating the entire process, as you need it done, while allowing you to do the portions you wish to do yourself. Be the lead designer on your project with this teams professional support.

Alex Young, CA

“This hard to find team gave us all the documentation  support needed to permit and build our family winery from planning new buildings to designing a wedding/event facility with themed hotel suites, grey water natural ponds and food production greenhouses. Can't image finding better support when building multi-faceted sustainable projects.
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Winery Design and Building
Luxury Villa Builders and Designers in the US
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light hobbit LR.tiff
Transforming Your Vision into Reality: Services Designed Just for You
Elevate your lifestyle and enhance your business while minimizing your environmental impact. Our services not only save you time, energy, and money but also safeguard you against potential threats like fires, hurricanes, and other security concerns. Our expert team is dedicated to simplifying your journey.
Tailored Solutions: From Fundamental to Opulent Spaces - Faster, Greener, Safer
We craft meticulously designed plans ranging from basic to luxury spaces, all infused with sustainability, resilience, and efficiency. Our construction costs align with conventional expenses in your local area. We provide comprehensive cost estimates and even assist with bank loan applications.
Comprehensive Support: Empowering You Every Step of the Way
We offer a range of support options designed to meet your specific needs:
  • Need construction and permitting documents? We've got you covered, complete with engineering seals valid across all 50 states.
  • Dreaming of being an Owner Builder to save big? We guide you through the process, potentially saving you more than 15%.
  • Struggling to locate the right professionals for your project? From excavators to electricians, we connect you with trusted experts.
  • Opting for a local licensed general contractor? We seamlessly coordinate with them to ensure your project's success.
Cost-Effective Excellence: Unveiling Your Vision, Your Way
In contrast to architects and designers who often command 10% of construction costs for custom plans, our accomplished planning, engineering, and permitting services come at half the cost or even less. Your style takes center stage as we meticulously plan, permit, and bring your dream project to life on your site, precisely as you envision it. Your beautiful, energy efficient project is designed to suit your dreams, your property and your budget.
📞 Contact us now for a free consultation, and let's make your sustainable dreams come true! This Custom Planning & Permitting & Construction Consulting Team's is Stress Relieving. They listen to you & deliver what you want, YOUR WAY.
Construction Documents, Engineering, Permit Applications, Solar, Septic, Grey Water, Greenhouse, Non-Toxic Interiors, ... whatever is needed.

Lee Young, CA


“This hard to find team gave us all the construction documentation support needed to permit and build our family winery from planning new buildings to designing a wedding/event facility with themed hotel suites, grey water natural ponds and  greenhouses. Can't image finding better support when building multi-faceted sustainable projects.


Dinah James, NY


"I wanted to build a Hobbit House for years, but was lost on how to design and permit my project. This team made it happen! In only four months I had all my beautiful plans and building permits and was ready to build on my site. They even found my builder! Highly recommend!”

Paul & Ruth Roberts, CO

“We wanted a Rustic Style Mountain House  with Pike's Peak views. This team designed our home exactly how we wanted:  fireplaces, exposed beams, airtight super insulation, screened porch, fire pit and pool. Even gave us 3D perspective views of our house, inside and out with sun angles throughout the day. Amazing team! Hire them!”

Get to Know Us

Welcome to our multi-disciplinary planning team, a family business ingrained with years of professional expertise dedicated to fulfilling clients' aspirations of realizing their dream projects. Our ardor is vested in curating spaces that transcend mere functionality, evolving into awe-inspiring masterpieces seamlessly blending artistry, nature, sustainability, and resilience.
Join hands with us to nurture your eco-project, whether underground, earth-sheltered or above ground and traditional with passive solar an super insulation features. Whether you want concrete, wood or steel construction, our architectural prowess is geared towards creating regenerative buildings that embody your unique style and vision YOUR WAY.
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Professional Man

To create what you want in the most beautiful, functional & resilient way possible. 

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"We cannot make our days longer so we strive to make them better by creating inspiring natural places for our clients to live in."

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