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Underground Building Inventor Now Living in Belize

Gayle Scafe, the inventor of the concrete forming system which we often still use on current construction projects, is retired now and lives on his island in Belize in a unique house and private island compound he built of conch shells with his wife, Dona.

After many years in earth sheltered and masonry construction in the United States, our parents moved to Belize to save two battered islands by planting for more biodiversity and building with local found and recycled materials. They also assist Maya children in their community by doing fund raising events to help pay their school tuitions. Dona paints murals inspired by the island views.

Now as, their children, grandchildren and extended family, we carry on the traditions of building as many generations before us. We have long been a family of makers, planners, artists, architects and designers building projects in USA & abroad. We continue designing and building the most beautiful and sustainable projects that we can imagine for our clients.

Here is our Father & Mother's crazy Conch Shell House on their private island in Belize:


This three story domed conch shell home on Owen’s Caye has expansive views of the Caribbean Sea near the coral Barrier Reef in Belize. Scuba diving, snorkeling & fishing are steps from this paradise island getaway.

Our retired parents sculpted this private island with their conch shell house & diving outpost over the past 15 years, while living there & improving these islands' biosphere. Originally, the two islands were covered in trash & few trees. No buildings. They’ve now created an island retreat with internet, handmade furniture & wall paintings. Work continues as this Paradise Island Project grows and evolves.

An amazing family retreat with rooms offering expansive views...

A paradise on a remote edge of the civilized world.

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