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How Nature Enhances Your Health

The Need for Nature Inside and Outside Your Home and Business

Nature has a soothing effect on us. We humans are genetically conditioned to find nature soothing. 95% of the people interviewed while conducting a study on the impact of nature on humans claimed that spending more time in nature shifted their depression, stress, anxiety into a state of balance, peacefulness, and calm. This even happens when just looking at scenes of nature. Nature puts people in a positive mood and is associated with overall wellbeing and liveliness. Walks in Nature eases stress.

Natural interior design brings nature into our homes and work places. It is a good solution for heightening people’s wellbeing and health. Having plants in our spaces can increase concentration levels and help people focus better.

Methods for bringing nature into our dwellings: Use Natural Elements & Materials

Using natural elements in the home and workplace like wooden flooring, natural stone, natural textiles, wicker elements and art featuring nature will blend natural elements into your space to create a soothing and healing environment.

House Plants - One of the easiest ways to add more natural elements into your homes is houseplants. They add freshness to the space and uplifts the room. Herb gardens can spread aroma and create a pleasant environment while flavoring your food. Rooms with plants have less dust and molds because they trap allergens. Having a plant in the room purifies the environment because plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Keeping them around you is always of benefit, especially in the bedroom, as it makes a person sleep better. Certain plants like gerbera daisies give out oxygen even at night. Plants like lavender relieve stress and anxiety because of their aroma.

Water- According to Vastu Shastra, human beings are connected to all five natural elements fire, water, earth, air, and space. Out of all the elements, water is the most powerful. Water has a cooling effect on humans. Water keeps the energy flowing. The metaphorical meaning of water is ‘flow of life.’ Having a water feature makes you feel peaceful. A water fountain or lily pond in our homes or even something as small as a bowl of water with a lotus flower in it will give a feel of ‘nature inspired interior design’ to anyone walking into your space.

Stone and Wood - Treating a wall with exposed stonework or wood immediately adds character to a room. It is easy to clean and acts as a focal point in the room. Natural stones can be incorporated into the house with the use of pathways in gardens as a form of hardscape. Rocks and pebbles of different colors, textures, and sizes can be mixed and placed in small bowls, pots and vases. These can add a dynamic vibe to a room.

Wood is a common natural material used from minimalistic to rustic interiors. Wood finish has a variety of colors that can change the feel of your design. It is durable and long-lasting and can be used for a variety of elements, including walls, beams, columns, and furniture. Paneling, cladding, molding, partitions, flooring are some examples of the how to use wood in your home.

Light - The sun brings positivity into your rooms. Sunlight is also important to the physical, mental, and emotional health of all of us. It makes the room appear livelier. Any corners or rooms of the house where sunlight isn’t naturally available should be well lit by artificial lighting and reflected in mirrors.

Flowers - The presence of flowers kept in vases, pots or bouquets can be kept on side tables, desks, dining tables, and coffee tables. One can also have a garden of flowering plants. Green walls of ivy and other plants can be installed in the garden or at the entrance.

What kind of natural elements in your house or business do you want?

Adding Natural Elements in Bathrooms is especially soothing: Imagine sitting in a steaming bathtub with hot water and aromas of essential oils. Water, relaxes our body physically and mentally. Adding natural elements to your bathrooms will increase tranquility and will aid in good health and helps to destress us. Humans are inherently programmed to respond positively to nature so think about how your bathroom can feel more natural. Add flowers, plants, candles, scents, natural materials and other elements of nature in your bathroom.

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Nature Themes - Creating a theme is a good way to add more nature to your environments. Having a forest, mountain, lake or ocean theme with plants, wood, water, shells, stones, etc. in your interior and exterior design plans provides the right balance for soothing through nature.

Hanging art with a landscape or nature wallpaper or graphics would also be a good option to remind people of outdoor spaces through visuals. However, you decide to design your space and whichever theme you decide to use, make sure that the space is ‘uniquely yours” and try to create a harmonious balance. Best to keep a tranquil blend of elements. Your house’s architecture and design should reflect your personality. Adding nature will increase your comfort level and can benefit your health.

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