BUILD YOUR PROJECT to resist fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, theft and other disasters.  This DESIGN + BUILD traveling crew helps you build your more resilient projects anywhere.

Earth sheltered buildings have an advantage in bushfires because the surrounding soil provides a buffer from direct contact to flames. It also insulates the interior against the extreme radiant temperatures. Concrete underground and bermed buildings resist ember attack more than conventional wood buildings. Properly designed Earth sheltered buildings are cost competitive, last longer and are more fire resistant while minimizing the destruction of the natural environment.

We especially build Wine Caves and Cannabis growing structures underground. Offering ideal indoor growing environments with maximum security, filtered air, controlled light and unlimited flexibility. Maximize your crop yields with minimal costs while saving time and energy. SEE FarmCaves.com to learn more.


  • Offers Protection from fire and other natural disasters

  • Gives controlled climate caves for growing and storing food, wine, cannibas and cheese making to growing produce, mushrooms and livestock with reduced energy and water cost, plus hidden from view - saving the landscape and views.

  • Homes in your style adaptable on flat to very steep sites at affordable prices.

  • Businesses of all types from luxury Spas, Hotels and Restaurants to basic Farm and Storage buildings. (Underground Farming produces larger yields, up to ten times more, in reduced climate controlled spaces)

  • When security is your focus, whether storms, tornados, fire or intrusion, we build solutions.

  • Earth Sheltered Structures attract audiences to even remote locations. This is your project's chance to shine.

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While green walls and roofs are becoming ever-more-popular ways to reduce energy costs and decrease the visual impact of buildings, there’s a step beyond that: subterranean and earth-sheltered buildings. Building a structure that is buried in the ground or surrounded by earth above-ground is a simple way to drastically decrease your energy needs, build greener and attract attention.
The soil and plants surrounding the structure provide excellent insulation and protection from the elements and fire. And the design in no way has to be a dirt hut with a grass roof and tree-branch furniture – architects are enthusiastically producing subterranean designs that are modern, unique and fantastically desirable. But it doesn’t stop at homes – you can even raise an entire farm’s worth of food in an underground structure.

Farm Caves' Structural & Earth Integration Advantages include:

  • Low cost per sq. ft.

  • Low utility costs... up to 70% savings

  • Innovative & versatile designs

  • Numerous plan & covering options

  • Durable, American-made concrete  and steel construction

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Improved ventilation control

  • Automated light deprivation systems

  • In-house design and construction

  • Structures of any size

  • Extra-tall options

  • Fast construction times

  • Optimal growing environments

  • Improved security & inventory protection

Maintaining the proper growing environment including temperature, moisture and lighting are essential to a thriving year-round cannabis growing operation.


Earth cover provides consistent interior temperatures near 60 to 70 degrees year round. Utility saving when underground is typically more than 50%. Plus, by managing ideal CO2 and lighting levels growers can achieve healthier, more profitable crops. 


This team offers coordinated planning, engineering, permitting and specifications for heating, cooling, ventilation equipment, finishes, etc. Plus, a traveling construction crew that builds your project on your site. 


Farm Caves listens to your individual needs and focuses on creating your most profitable and efficient business.

EXAMPLE: Architects Reardon Smith are in the planning stages of this 200-plus underground resort at the site of Hersham Golf Club in Surrey. When completed, the resort will offer holiday-goers an environmentally responsible, attractive resort that doesn’t ruin the views of the surrounding Green Belt environment. The hotel rooms will look out on sunken courtyards, an innovative solution to the problem of how to provide natural light in underground buildings.
Green can go underground in many ways, as this underground farm in Tokyo clearly shows. Pasona O2 was created to use a combination of hydroponics, special grow lights and traditional farming methods to raise flowers, fruits, vegetables and rice. In London tunnels According to Bloomberg, carbon-neutral farms produce anywhere from 5,000 kilograms (11,000 pounds) and 20,000 kilograms (40,000 pounds) of crops per year, depending on the species. The farm specializes in growing small salad greens with a short growth cycle like pea shoots, Thai basil, mizuna, coriander, mustard leaf, rocket, radish and garlic chive. In this carefully automated environment that uses energy-efficient LEDs, 70 percent less water and no pesticides, there are a lot of savings and profits to be had, with the company estimating that these crops can bring in an annual revenue of $2 million US.


This video of historic cave renovation inspires our Earth Sheltered Building and illustrates the joy we can experience when building earth intregrations>

Underground Hotel:


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater To Get Underground Cottage Guest Housing...


These guest cottages, designed by Patkau Architects. will reside in the hills of the 5,000-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve that surrounds Fallingwater. Sustainably designed, the cottages were recently selected through a design competition held by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which manages the historic estate.

At least six underground cottages are planned for visitors and scholars near Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. They will be immersed in a meadow above the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater classic.

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