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Time to Start Planning & Permitting Your Project

Many of our clients seek to build projects that are more sustainable and helps them become more self-reliant. They want a lifestyle the better reflects their values. This is the primary focus of our Design + Permit + Build Team. Fire Resistant Concrete & Steel projects are perfect for all seasons and offers far more protection.

This team helps you plan and permit and build what you want. Ask yourself,"What is most important to me?" Then make a list of what you want your life to look like. This often starts with where and how you live. START NOW. Share your ideas with us and we are happy to explain the choices available and even help locate land if you do not yet have a building site. Contact us for a free consult to get started. What does self sufficiency and resilience mean to you?

When looking for an environment that promotes a less consuming and wholesome lifestyle and creates better opportunities to share with your family and friends, new-construction homes have an undeniable allure. A new house can be designed exactly for your needs and priorities without the problems, that might need fixed later when buying an older building. Plus, when planned with greener features, it INCREASES Your Fire & Disaster Protection and DECREASES Your Utility Costs.

Whatever your project style or size, we are here to support you. Offering over 20 years of experience in how to design, permit, build, waterproof, insulate custom underground and above projects from preliminary planning, engineering and local permitting to the interior and landscape design of your project. Buildings with a lower energy footprint that lasts for generations.

Ask yourself,"How do I really want to live?" Make that list and start your journey towards a more self-reliant and rewarding future. This team is here when you are ready to GO FOR IT!


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