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21 Ideas For Building a Sustainable Home:

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

What we build matters, and so does how we build it. Building with sustainability in mind should be standard for any new home. Here are 21 tips for a sustainable house design. Building sustainable homes not only saves you money in the long run, but also reduces your impact on the environment. Now, let’s go over some ideas on how to build a sustainable house!

21 Ideas For Building a Sustainable Home:

  1. Location

  2. Size

  3. Orientation

  4. Layout

  5. Local Materials

  6. Recycled Materials

  7. Insulation

  8. Air Sealing

  9. Windows & Doors Selection

  10. Sustainable Materials

  11. Energy Star Appliances

  12. LED Lighting

  13. Water Conserving Fixtures

  14. Efficient HVAC

  15. Recycle Your Energy

  16. Rain Water Collection

  17. Renewable Energy

  18. Solar Hot Water

  19. Intelligent Planting

  20. Build To Last

  21. Build Something You Love

BUILD MORE SUSTAINABLY with better connections to NATURE

Instead of living the life we want, most of us live the life we are given. BUT, don't you want more? Discover how you can build better protection and satisfaction in the buildings you live and work in while reducing your carbon footprint and being more connected to Nature.

Have you ever honestly asked yourself, "What kind of space do I really want?"

  • What do you want your home & business building to look and feel like?

  • Where and how do you want to live?

  • What kind of priorities do you want your buildings to express?

  • Who do you want to spend time with in your home and business?

  • What features will attract family & friends to spend time with you?

  • Can your building projects make our world a better place?

Figuring this out. It’s critical. This experienced team is here to assist you in defining your priorities and preferences and then supports you in getting your projects actually built on your budget and schedule. They develop your plan layout and then provide estimates on your construction costs.

This team offers both earth integrated and more conventional planning and building systems and services that remain super insulated and fire resistant — including your DIY projects with planning and construction consulting support. Schedule a free phone consult whenever you wish via email and go to our website to learn more.


When your ideas include building projects that support your more sustainable life choices contact our Design + Permit + Build Team whatever your preferred style. Start your ECO-FRIENDLY, FIRE RESISTANT SUSTAINABLE projects NOW!

This team has years of experience supporting clients who seek energy efficient buildings and then builds their fire resistant sustainable projects on their land - basic to luxury. It can take up to a year to plan and permit new construction projects so best to START NOW!

Bonus Sustainability Tip: Passive House - You should also consider looking into Passive House Design for sustainability and energy efficiency. The diagram below illustrates some basic concepts of Passive House. It can also be applications to earth sheltered designs. This team has years of experience with passive solar, homestead and sustainable building. Hire this Design+Permit+Build team to get your best sustainable results. It can take up to a year to plan, permit and start building your sustainable project. START NOW >

Contact for free SUSTAINABLE BUILDING consult -

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