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Mid-Century Modern & Eco-Friendly Increase in Popularity

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

According to resent studies, trending aesthetics in Mid- Century modern has increased by 576% on Google searches since last year. Eco-Friendly has increased. Most home owners are increasingly becoming familiar with the benefits of building in a more sustainable manner. The rising costs of energy, construction materials, and everyday maintenance on homes, has motivated us to change the way we build our homes. Earth-Sheltered and natural materials are healthier when integrated into the design of you projects. This design, permit, build team specializes in showing you how to build your more Eco-Friendly project in your preferred style.

Benefits of building green:

  • Lower operating costs - Homeowners can receive less expensive utility bills because of energy and water efficiency measures. Up to 70% or more.

  • Increased comfort - Green homes have relatively even temperatures throughout the home, with less outdoor sound penetrations.

  • Improved indoor environmental quality- When designing a green home, designers create construction details to control moisture, select materials that contain fewer chemicals, and design air exchange/filtration systems that can contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

  • Enhanced durability and less maintenance— Green homes incorporate materials and methods that strive to increase the life of the whole house. Longer lasting materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also reduce maintenance and repair costs. Green homes have landscaping that require less watering, building elements that require less maintenance, and more durable building components that reduce the time needed for upkeep.

  • Increases your property's re-sale value.

This Teams Green Building Consultant Services:

  • Sustainable design assessment & recommendations

  • Solar and passive orientation analysis: designing with the sun

  • Green materials, fixtures, and equipment selection

  • Selection of natural and non-toxic materials

  • Coordinate renewable energy systems

  • Designing and detailing for high performance

Sustainable Design Assessment & Recommendations: Below are some initial observations and suggestions to enhance the performance of the home. Once I understand the client’s level of commitment to “greening” the home, I can provide more detailed solutions. Initial comments

  • If the home is to be used year round, consider orienting it on an East-West axis to maximize passive solar strategies.

  • The arroyo will create moisture below the floor and will be subject to frost. The floor should be insulated and vapor resistant.

  • The overhang on the west side should be designed to allow winter sun to penetrate into the house while blocking summer sun.

  • Consider operable transom windows at the highest point of the exterior walls to vent hot air during the summer.

  • Large expanse of windows on East side will need to resist cold and wet winter winds.

  1. Green Strategies

    • Building layout can be designed to maximize efficiency and minimize material cuts. Design using the material dimensions.

    • Minimize the impact on the arroyo during construction. Consider utilizing prefabricated wall panels which can be transported to the site to reduce construction time on site.

    • Roof can be designed to harvest water for use in toilets and irrigation.

    • Develop strategies to minimize impact upon site during construction.

    • Create landscape design using low maintenance native plants.

Constructing a new building requires a lot of materials and resources. How your project is built sustainably and the choices you make in how your project uses and saves energy, water, waste and other resources over time has a large impact on your carbon footprint. This Habitat Design Lab, is the team that assists in planning and permitting and building your projects with years of experience building more sustainable architecture, interiors and landscapes. We make you aware of your sustainable choices and you decide what works best on your project. Contact us when adding sustainable features to your environment and lifestyle is a priority.


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